Apart From Refill Sustainability, What Are Other E-Cig Benefits?


This short article introduces readers to the benefits of acquiring e-cigarettes. One popular benefit is that of long-term sustainability. Because with appurtenances such as cartridge refills, these cigs never run out. ┬áBefore jumping to any conclusions over health benefits and such, it’s worth having a quick look at the e-cigarette revolution’s background.

Simply put, the e-cigarette was invented by the Chinese.

And today, one record has it that over three million US consumers had become certifiable e-cigarette smokers some years ago already. At the time of publishing this article, it has to be wondered just how many millions more have given up traditional tobacco smoking in favor of lighting up an (apparently) much healthier e-cig, sustainably, of course.

Of course, anti-smoking lobbies and health advocates are still not having anything to do with e-cigarette smoking and, still to this day, the US Surgeon General, among others around the globe, have yet to find conclusive evidence that confirms e-cigarette smoking as a serious hazard to people’s health in the same breath that traditional smoking was all those years ago. But to be quite honest, informed consumer choices can only be made once all e-cigarette pros and cons have been thoroughly examined.

A disclaimer then. No active encouragement is being given to both smokers and non-smokers to take up vaping or e-cigarette smoking. It’s just a statement of fact when observing that it does appear that all the listed pros do tend to outweigh the cons. And as far as the cons go, it’s just a matter of exercising common sense and the conscience in deciding whether or not to take up e-cigarette smoking. For instance, pregnant women should still not be smoking, not even an e-cigarette, whether it has nicotine included or not is beside the point. Also, people with serious heart ailments or diabetes, or any other serious illnesses or diseases, it has been advised, should not take up this trendy habit either.

While e-cigarettes in general do still contain nicotine, the volume thereof is substantially less than what would normally be included in a traditional tobacco cigarette. Also, e-cigs do not contain any of the poisonous toxic chemicals and tar usually included in the traditional cigarettes. It is also worth mentioning that committed smokers who turn to e-cigarettes are not suffocated by the emotional trauma of withdrawal symptoms that could lead to psychological scars usually associated with starving the body entirely of its smoking habit.

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The argument that the dependency goes beyond the nicotine is valid. People who deprive themselves of cigarettes also miss the aesthetic languor and sense of relaxation they get from the act of smoking.

Here is an astounding piece of information. Studies have revealed that e-cigarette smoking could well improve the lives of millions of Americans who suffer from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). This against the backdrop of the startling statistic that states that this disease is the third highest cause of death of around ninety percent of habitual (tobacco) smokers.