Precious Gems – A Brief Introduction


precious gemstonessignificance of precious gemstones

Whether for prestige or aesthetic delight, many people enjoy wearing their jewelry. They will also wear priceless, precious jewelry on special occasions to mark important anniversaries. And perhaps not cast in stone entirely just yet as a popular habit or custom, there are those precious folks who have turned to precious gemstones as part of their décolletage or significant memorabilia. And what’s more, these special folks wear precious gemstones not just for sentimental reasons but, more importantly perhaps, for religious, spiritual and/or cultural reasons.

So, all this short note will be doing is giving interested readers a brief introduction. Highlights to be shared will be a quick look at one historic lore behind the promotion and use of these precious stones.

It would also be worthwhile making a remark on the importance of immersing yourself in a study of what you could call medicinal stones. You could do this alongside of your study of cultural beliefs that influence the wearing and using of these precious gemstones. A few years into the previous century, one George Kunz, a leading gemologist around that time, became something of a trailblazer in cutting the ice on precious stones as sentimental jewelry set pieces.

This gentleman’s legacy, you could just say, is rock-solid. One of his collections, the JP Morgan Tiffany collection, is currently being displayed in the American Museum of Natural History.

A study of what can be defined as medicinal stones is necessary. Not only that, it is ongoing. The wearing of a precious gemstone is something of a blessing in disguise. Put one such stone around your neck and, over time, you experience just how much your health or mood improves. Of course, it goes without saying that this is dependent on what type of gem is being worn and what the wearer’s unique physical or emotional condition is. Hence the need to research the matter. Fortunately, this much is not a hard taskmaster for the everyday layman or woman accustomed to carrying his or her mobile device in hand for the better part of the day.

If you can excuse the cliché, the internet is awash with easy to follow guides, all brief narrative summaries, that list the stones’ positive properties. This is usually accompanied by a colorful photograph. You would think that after acquiring such information, it would be so easy to go shopping for a precious stone of choice afterwards. But not so fast. Curiously, most retail jewelers, perhaps not entirely aware of the overriding significance of precious gemstones, are not stocking them in their glass counters on the same scale as traditional jewelry, cast in gold, platinum, diamonds, and the like.

But perhaps then, given the paradigmatic shifts towards alternative lifestyles closely associated with green and organic living and the close focus on alternative practices of medicine, it is just a matter of time before awareness of precious gemstones’ value, in more ways than one, is heightened. It’s always been the case, hasn’t it? Merchants remain sensitive to market demands.