What are the Benefits of Playing a Musical Instrument?

No matter your age, gender, education, or occupation, playing a musical instrument is something that can help you rediscover yourself, your passions, and more. Many people play instruments of various sorts. Most play for fun, others dream of fame and fortune and all that comes with it. No matter which category you fall into, playing a musical instrument has a plethora of benefits that are all waiting for you to enjoy.

Some of the benefits that you enjoy when playing a musical instrument include:

·    Improved memory; eliminate brain fog and enhance mental clarity

·    Learn patience and problem-solving skills

·    A study conducted the University of Kansas Medical Center reports that people who play musical instruments perform better cognitively than their peers. Don’t you want to keep your mind sharp at any age?

·    Work together as a team and build problem-solving skills

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·    Better hand-eye coordination is another benefit that comes when you play an instrument.

·    Many instruments are out there to play, so anyone can find something they enjoy. Many people play instruments like the flute or piccolos, and you can find many of these items and even piccolos for sale if you want to join them. Playing guitar, clarinet, drums, or even the sax is also optional for musicians and musicians at-heart.

·    Decreased cortisol levels are a great benefit associated with playing a musical instrument. With this improvement, you’ll enjoy an elevated mood filled with many happy days ahead.

·    Learn how to read and comprehend music at different intervals

There is an endless list of benefits offered to anyone who plays a musical instrument. The benefits listed above are only the start of many awaiting you. What’s stopping you from learning how to play? You know you want to and with such great benefits, there is nothing to lose with this newfound transition in life.